In the bardo

In the bardo

So how much longer will the confinement last? That’s what everone here wants to know. According to the Bardo Thödol a soul must wander for seven times seven days after death before being re-born (or, if you you are lucky, pass to a higher level of consciousness). So that’s it ! We have just over three weeks left. Let’s see what happens: we wouldn’t want to find ourselves re-incarnated as some lesser creature (say, an insect). One thing is certain is that our lives after won’t resembles our lives before. While in the Bardo, holy men try to talk to the soul of the departed to provide advice and guide them to a “good” reincarnation. Here in our Bardo however we have zoom. The thing is, most of the people we are talking to don’t realise that they too are also in the Bardo…

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  1. Since I have been retired I really don’t think about time! Some days I really am not sure what day it is, simply because SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED will tell me what I really don’t want to know, that is why a camera is always there to rescue me and go for a walk or drive,

    1. Hi John, thanks, well yes, I am still taking my Leica out with me every morning but I feeling now I have photographed every buiding within one kilometer of my apartment. And the photographs were better when there were people in them! But, yes!

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