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Leicaphilia moves the reading on the beam away from zero!

Leicaphilia moves the reading on the beam away from zero!

Thanks to a passing mention on my favourite philosophical corner of the internet photographic Universe the measurement on the beam has been moved away from zero (with a light fall, with lumps, at 5:30, as policeman Fox would say). But as these days I’m trying to keep to my promise of publishing at least one photograph per week with a short text does mean that my longer articles are swamped. So here’s small list…

Before leicaphilia moved the beam (in Zollverein)

Sergio Larrain and Valparaiso
Eugène Atget, his life
Atget’s legacy
Josef Koudelka at Beaubourg

I was happy to read that Film Ferrania have almost resolved their manufacturing problems. Shooting unique special films like their P30 emulsion is one of the best reasons I can think of to shoot film. Here’s my article about P30:

Discovering Ferrania’s P30 film

And about that film/digital thing? I think I still agree with most of this.

Thinking about photography…

More longer articles to come before the end of the summer, I hope. There’s Geoff Dyer’s excellent “The pleasure of looking at good photographs” which I mean to say something about…

52 photographs (2018) #22: Garden coffee, Grenoble

52 photographs (2018) #22: Garden coffee, Grenoble

Yes, now I am travelling again after a long period in Paris. I spent one night in Grenoble (where I saw an old friend again after a long time) and in the morning early before my meeting I walked around looking for what could be a photograph. Grenoble is a strange place, there is an inner core of old buildings, surrounded by a larger layer of 70s-era tower-blocks, and beyond that the mountains. On a June morning like this one it’s a pleasant enough place. But here’s no photographs of buildings and mountains, just sunlight grazing a building sometime in the early morning.

Garden coffee