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52 Photographs (2018) #9: Don’t move!

52 Photographs (2018) #9: Don’t move!

And then, unexpectedly, the frost and snow came back. Frustratingly, all the parks and gardens in Paris are closed when there is a small bit of snow or ice. I guess they are worried about people slipping and starting legal action …

But, one morning, miraculously, one morning the gates of Montsouris were open. I rushed in and found this fellow with his high-performance camera.

Don’t move, Mr. Icicle !

And no, the icicle didn’t move.

52 Photographs (2018) #7: A post-card of Paris in Ferrania P30

52 Photographs (2018) #7: A post-card of Paris in Ferrania P30

Week number 7: snow still lay on the ground in Paris. I went out for a walk with some of Film Ferrania’s wonderful P30 film loaded in my camera. In fact it was my last roll of P30 (since then, more went on sale briefly through Maco, but I hestiated, and missed buying it).

A certain Parisian landmark seen in Ferrania P30

Yes, this photograph looks like a postcard. In fact, I went to our photo-lab, printed it out, stuck it to some card and voila !

…turned into a postcard.

I sent it to a relative, who much appreciated it. It turns out that in the old days, (1920s) a lot of people did this — photographs were printed onto card and then sent as postcards. It’s fun!

Technical note: I processed my roll using D96, and I think it looks good! Better than the other developers that I used before. Processing P30 is a hot topic over on Emulsive.

52 Photographs (2018) #5: Penelope and her Ulysses

52 Photographs (2018) #5: Penelope and her Ulysses

Now we are into some deep bad weather. Overcast skies, rain. I went to the Musée Bourdelle one rainy Saturday afternoon and thought, well I can photograph inside. I was lucky! I found this photograph. There is a photographic connection in all of this, by the way: Berenice Abbot came to Paris to study sculpture with Bourdelle. But she met Man Ray, and then abandoned Bourdelle. Then she met Atget and abandoned Man Ray!

Penelope and her Ulysses

The Musée Bourdelle is one of the less-well known Parisian museums but it certainly worth a visit. There is a beautiful small garden inside and entry, and one can visit the sculptor’s workshops. Entry is free.